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For Women’s Sake – Men (Ought to) Pause


Sex & Menopause Don’t Always Mix

Menopause is no joking matter for the millions of women who experience it every day. We as Men (Ought to) pause just a moment before we get all fired up when our women don’t get instantly aroused instantaneously to our touch.

Menopause can cause some women to experience estrogen and testosterone loss. These are essential to a strong sex drive. We men tend to jump to conclusions when our ladies are not in the mood. Our thinking gets all twisted and we assume they are not attracted to us anymore or that they have found someone else.

In addition, we feel like our touch means nothing to them anymore because they don’t get quickly excited when we touch, fondle or stroke them. The truth is women can lose a lot of sensitivity and sexual interest when they are going through menopause.

Those we love can experience problems with bladder control, depression, lack of sleep, stress and anxiety. Furthermore, the Vagina can be very dry making sexual intercourse quite painful.

As men we need to be more patient and understanding to our significant others. We can obtain sexual lubricants and Vagina moisturizers to help eradicate the dryness and pain. It is imperative that we take it slow and pause long enough to identify the issues behind our women’s lack of sex drive.