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Secrets Female Orgasms Tips

Who’s pressing your button?

Have a blinder of an orgasm by taking ten deep breaths and completely relaxing the muscles in your pelvic region just as you sense you’re about to come.

Ask your partner to hum while his tongue is placed gently on your clitoris. If it doesn’t send you into orgasmic orbit, you can always try and name the tune.

American sexpert Dr Barbara Keesling swears by the technique of peaking. In her book Making Love Better Than Ever she says that learning to ‘peak’ creates wave-like patterns which trigger the pleasure hormones called endorphins. Here’s how to do it: allow yourself to reach the edge of orgasm. Then stop whatever you’re doing. Then go again. Each time, try to wait a tiny bit longer before letting yourself come. Apparently, with practise, this boosts your ability to make that lovely moment just before you come last for about 20 minutes. We’ll have some of that.

Gather every pillow and cushion in the house and place them under your rear end so your entire body is on an incline with your crotch angled up in the air. He’ll be able to penetrate you deeply, and gravity works miracles for less than perky breasts. What’s in it for him? A top-notch view and wonderful access to your delicious body.

Assume the missionary position, with his penis inside you. Your man then edges his entire body a couple of inches up your body. The idea is to bring his penis more in contact with your clitoris, without snapping it in two. Once his penis is pressing against your clitoris, you both move your hips back and forth like synchronised swimmers going for gold.

What’s in it for him? Extra friction, plus the pleasure of seeing you shoot into the stratosphere

We found this out by mistake but makes your orgasm more intense. When your partner gets you to the verge (or at least close) of orgasm shift your head and shoulders (or if you feel energetic, hang your head upside down so the top rests on the floor and your shoulders are just off the edge of the bed) off the bed and onto the floor, the resulting rush of blood combines to make your orgasm fantastic.
You might find that different furniture works better than others it depends on the height, too high and you fall off, not high enough and you don’t get he same rush. You can combine it with the other breath- taking exercises on this site.

Sex is on the cards. Whoosh! Knickers off… but hang on a sec – leaving your pants on can get you, er, panting. Ask your man to touch you through the lace/cotton – sometimes it’s more heavenly than direct contact with the clitoris, which can be a tad too sensitive.

While he’s down below, give him a helping hand by rubbing your finger on your clitoris while his tongue is at work. He’ll also love the thrill of you touching yourself.

Sometimes, giving your man the blow job of his life shoots you into ecstasy too. It’s something to do with knowing you have the power to send him skywards. Oh yeah, and knowing he owes you one.

Get your man to lie perfectly still. Climb aboard and kiss, lick, tease, put him inside you – whatever tickles your fancy. But the rule is he’s not allowed to move a muscle (no, not even that one). Knowing you’re the one making all the moves – and that he’s about to boil over – can send you into orgasm wonderland.

I like my man to insert a finger in my vagina during penetration. The sensation of being filled up with him and his finger is almost overbearingly horny and I often come just through the sheer thought of having such a lot of him inside me.’

In her book How To Have An Orgasm As Often As You Want, Rachel Swift encourages us to practise having orgasms in unusual places and spaces such as in a chair, the loo at work, the bath, standing up, squatting down and in semi-public places. ‘Until you’re a real expert at seeing to your own pleasure, you can’t be sure of having it with another person. Versatility is the keyword.’ Repetitive strain injury is the risk.

Men, here’s one way you can give a woman a looooong orgasm. Ring a five-star hotel in Paris, book a room with a four-poster bed, a mini bar and a Jacuzzi. Works a dream every time.

‘There’s something about doing it in weird places (and running the risk of being caught) that makes me come every time. My boyfriend and I thought we’d found a secret, cliff-top cave that faced nothing but the open sea. Secret, that is, until a windsurfer sped by, waving as he spotted us in the throes of thrusting.’

Try tensing every muscle in your body while stimulating yourself. Then relax. Then tense up again and relax. Remember to breathe (duh!) and you may find yourself building to a much more powerful orgasm than usual.

Feeling like a tease? Get your bloke to bring you to the edge of orgasm with oral sex, then pull away for a count of 50. Then ask him to bring you to the brink again, then pull away for 25 seconds. Do it again, pulling away for 10 seconds. Note: this game works just as well with fingers as it does with tongues.

Instead of pulling your pelvic floor in and up when you’re close to orgasming, try pushing out. This can create a longer, stronger climax (not that you’re greedy or anything).

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