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An Orgasm a Woman Can Not Fake

The one orgasm a woman can not fake and most men can’t give.

It’s the one nuclear powered oxytocin releasing, fetish creating experience you can give a woman…

(And believe me, giving your woman a steady diet of these babies will keep you pampered and treated like a king in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine, for life!)

I am not kidding guys. Ejaculatory orgasms are that powerful and they are almost always delivered at end of an orgasmic accelerator

Now, I know the minds of most of you reading this just came to a screeching halt. What the heck do I mean by an orgasmic
accelerator sequence?

An orgasm makes a woman more responsive to sexual stimulation, hence, the more orgasms she experiences within a certain
period of time, the more orgasms she tends to keep having at an accelerated rate!

The only problem is most guys can’t give her ONE orgasm, let alone multiple.

If you try to give your woman an ejaculatory orgasm before completing an orgasmic accelerator sequence, you’re going to be in for a long wait, tired fingers, and possibly nothing to show for your efforts!

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