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Common Sex Mistakes Women Should Avoid

It is commonly accepted that women and men perceive their sexual roles differently. For ages it has been determined that men should be the drivers of the sexual encounter. In many cultures it is taboo for women to initiate the encounter. Although the mysteries surrounding women may never be completely solved it is vital that women understand that men can be a bit more complex as well.

Both men and women make common miscalculations during the mating ritual. Today we are going to discuss some of the common mistakes women should avoid. Here are just a few to consider:

Sexual Initiation – The sexual encounter does not, I repeat does not, need to always be initiated by the male. The woman does not need to lay there until the man makes the first move. This may come as a shock, but men like to know they are wanted too. If a man does not start then a woman may make the mistake of thinking he is lazy or does not desire her, but this is not the case. The act of desiring and being desired goes both ways.

Believing Hollywood & Porn – Some women find themselves believing the stuff they see in porn or on television and movies that display sexual content. Some of these resources tell women there is a certain way they should have an orgasm. The truth is every woman is different and the most powerful orgasms are derived when the clitoris is stimulated. Don’t expect your sexual encounter to equal the fairy tale world of porn and Hollywood.

Penis Tunnel Syndrome – Women should not apply all their focus on the penis when it comes to foreplay. Men like to be explored in other areas as well. The penis can be the final objective, but the nipples, scrotum and other sensitive areas of the body can be just as vital when it comes to enhancing the sexual experience.

Be Heard – As a women you might think that your man knows every inch of your body and can hit the right note every time he touches you. If you are in that position enjoy it because you are in a rare situation. Women have no problem letting their voices be heard throughout the day and they should be just as vocal in their sexual encounters. Make sure your man knows what feels good to you and how you want it. He will be stimulated by your requests.

The Final Word
Every couple approaches the sexual encounter in their own way. The eventual goal is for both to enjoy an amazing orgasm during the bonding experience. There is little doubt that the unselfish lover is often the best lover. Both in the relationship should show aggression when the moment displays itself. It is imperative that women avoid making age old miscalculations about the sexual encounter with men. Get to know your man and make sure he gets to know you as well.