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5 Sex Questions That Need to be Answered

It is time to take on 5 more questions about sex that need to be answered. You would be surprised, and maybe even shocked at some of the questions people ask about sex. However, in most cases the questions are relevant and justifiable. Here are your 5 questions for today.

1. I sometimes laugh or cry during sex. Am I crazy?

Even if you think the sex is laughable, or bad enough to make you burst out in tears, it does not indicate that your are crazy. Mood swings caused by hormonal disorders are enough to make anyone laugh or cry. You may be well aware of your reason for laughing or crying, but even if you don’t there is nothing to worry about.

2. My vagina is always dry, but I am not close to menopause. Whats the deal?

The deal is that age is not the only factor that determines whether you are dry, or not down there. If your hormones are affected by anything at all it can lead to dryness. Don’t deal with the pain. Use quality lubricants created for the purpose and enjoy sex to its fullest.

3. Are you ever to old to have sex?

The main concern as you age is that you are healthy enough to perform the act of intercourse. If you are cleared for the act than by all means participate. Even if you get to the point where intercourse takes a little more energy than you have to spare; there are other things you can do to pleasure each other.

4. Do Aphrodisiacs Work?

There are some people that swear by oysters that offer a fair share of zinc, but this has not been medically concluded. A recent study in Chicago claims that various smells can offer some sexual enhancement. Men who smelled black licorice or the sensual smell of hot baked doughnuts recorded an increase in blood flow to the penis of 32%. The very same study suggested pumpkin and lavender increased it to a whopping 40%.

Women who smelled cucumbers and a variety of candies were shown to experience enhancement as well. Yohimbine, which is produced from the bark of an African tree, has enhanced libido in animals, but has yet to be justified medically in humans; at least not by the FDA.

5. How do you know if you are a sex addict?

If you are masturbating while you asked that question than you may be on the right track. Seriously, a sex addict is typically defined as someone that has a uncontrollable need for sex. They may masturbate excessively, cheat on their mates consistently, or sleep with large amounts of partners. In addition, they may have sex with prostitutes often, enjoy lots of phone sex, or cyber sex impulsively. The list goes on, but you get the drift.

We hope some of these questions hit home and provided some answers to questions you wanted to ask, but were reluctant to admit to.