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Male enhancement devices are very popular for good reason- many men are unsatisfied with the size of their penises and are looking for a proven way to change that characteristic.

Because of this demand, tension-based penis devices have been developed to help increase both the length and girth of the user’s penis. SizeGenetics’ penis extender has long been considered one of the best on the market.

In particular, SizeGenetics has boasted some really impressive results, with gains of up to four inches within ten months of consistent use having been reported.

The SizeGenetics system includes the device itself as well as an instructional DVD to help you use the product correctly and obtain the best possible results. The device is not only successful in increasing the length and girth of the user’s penis, but can help to correct curvature problems, as well.

The traction-based device works gently and includes a state of the art 16-way comfort system to ensure that the device is more comfortable to use than that of the competitor.

Size Genetics Results

  • Can control the amount of traction
  • Highly sophisticated system
  • Popular among medical practitioners
  • Doctors refer size genetics penis extender


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Side effects due to the use of Size Genetics

There are no side effects to using SizeGenetics, and the device is comfortable enough that you can wear it while you work, watch TV or sleep.

At the same time, the device will not simply fall off during use or if you shift in your seat, either. The device is durable, yet comfortable to use.

Size Genetics Prices

The SizeGenetics Starter Edition: $199.95

SizeGenetics Comfort Package: $349.95

SizeGenetics Ultimate System: $398.95

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You can use SizeGenetics as soon as you receive your discreetly-packaged shipment.

The instructional DVD provides all of the information you need, and the medically-approved device is fully controllable so that you can set the amount of traction you want to use.

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Money Back Guarantee

Size Genetics enlarger offers a 6 months money back guarantee. Receive a FULL 100% refund not including shipping.

Contact Size Genetics manufacturers:

If you want to purchase SizeGenetics or learn more about the system, check out their website at

You can also contact them by phone at 1-800-209-1670. They can be reached by mail at:

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You can email at or call US phone +1 (646) 918 1447 or Uk Phone  +44 (0)115 769 0209 or fill the web form for contact in case you need to solve your any query or doubt.