Male Enhancers



Male sex enhancement products are one of the hottest products in the market at anytime. If the product claims to be pure herbal and without any side effects, surely it would be a market hit.   Prulato is one among them. The product is obviously a market hit.

The manufacturers of prulato advertise that it is a pure herbal product.   This product facilitates men to prolong the duration of sex. The duration of sex is related to many physical and physiological conditions. However prulato helps men to achieve more strength and stamina during sex.

Prulato helps to increase the semen quantity.  This sex enhancement product helps increased blood flow. The main attraction of this product is that it helps immediate recovery. Prulato also helps to prevent prostrate cancer because the herbal ingredients of this product prevent prostrate disease.

There is no clinical evidence for all these claims. Even FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has served warning letter to the manufacturers of Prulato for violating food and drug act.  Also, there is no solid evidence for the ingredients of the product.

Prulato Claimed Results:

1. Lasting and deeper orgasm
2. Speedy recovery
3. Strong ejaculation
4. Prevent prostrate diseases

Major Prulato Ingredients:

Swedish flower pollen, tomato lycopene concentrate, stearic acid, ho shou wu root (Polygonum multiflorum), saw palmetto berry standardized extract, calcium carbonate, microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate, and silica are the major content of Prulato.

Prulato Side effects :

There is no side effects reported yet due to the use of Prulato because the product claims that it is not an actual prescription drug. This makes difficult for researchers to conduct any study over the side effects of prulato.  Anyway, it is advised that to get a doctor consultation before the use prulato.

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