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5 Of The Top Female Sex Fantasies!

Many people have some type of sexual fantasy that gets their motor running from time to time. Sex experts say that this is perfectly normal and can go a long way in enhancing the sexual encounter.

You should never be led to believe that only men have sexual fantasies. Women love a good sexual fantasy just as much, if not more, than men do.

The thing about a sexual fantasy is that it should be just that, a fantasy. Many women fantasize about things they would never have the courage to do in reality. Nevertheless, the thought of these encounters sends their blood racing with desire.

Here are five female fantasies that should put every hot blooded male or female in the mood:

1. You would be surprised how many women fantasize about the teacher and student relationship. In most cases this is just a fantasy ignited because of the taboo nature of the subject. Although some teachers actually do take this fantasy a step too far, in reality, it is a harmless fantasy for ordinary women who desire the thrill of the thought without any thought of pursuing it in reality.

2. It is no secret that many men are highly aroused by watching other couples having sex. However, it should be known that one of the top female fantasies is the possibility of watching others engaged in sex. How many of the women that fantasize about watching couples having sex would actually do so is hard to know.

3. Just about every red blooded male has fantasized about having a 3-some with two women. Many women fantasize about a 3-some with their man and another woman as well. However, most of these fantasies involve the male only watching as the women do their thing and then the male stepping into finish the job.

4. Many women fantasize about sex with a handsome stranger. A strong sexy guy that will sweep them up in their arms and carry them off to a love nest and fulfill their every desire. This does not mean that women want to cheat on their man all the time. It simply means that the thought gets them excited, which can work out very good for their man.

5. One of the most popular female fantasies is for the woman to be made love too by two men. Sometimes the second man has no identity, simply a role. Other times that man can be a movie star, TV star, or music star. More serious fantasies may include her man’s best friend or someone from work. Either way, the thought of the extra attention can be overwhelming.

The Final Word

Some sexual fantasies are designed to enhance the sexual mood. They are used to enhance your libido and make foreplay or the sexual encounter even more stimulating. In other cases these fantasies are taken more to heart and the women seek to fulfill them in reality. It is up to you to determine how your fantasy will affect your next sexual encounter.