Better Sex

5 Interesting Sex Survey Revelations

Most people would like to believe they are sufficiently versed on issues surrounding sex. However, is that really true. When it comes to sex in the relationship there are always new horizons to explore. Teams are conducting specialized research on women and men every day and new information is steadily becoming readily available. Here are some interesting tidbits that have come to light in recent research studies:

1. On the average a couple will engage in sex around 66 times a year. With couples in their 30’s that number increases over 100, while couples over the age of 50 say it steadily declines.

2. A recent study on women and men concluded that women prefer and enjoy oral sex more than the average male.

3. Most people know stress is bad for overall health, but did you know it can reduce penis size as well. It is true.

4. Women over the age of 50 are more likely to reach an orgasm outside the relationship. That is a bit discouraging.

5. Regardless of penis size or endurance most women require clitoral stimulation to reach full orgasm.

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Final Word

Although these areas have been extensively researched it does not mean they describe your sexual relationship. These facts are as much sexual theory as they are truly prevalent. As research continues more information will be revealed. Nevertheless, it is our own responsibility to conduct our own research in our sexual relationship. Through trial and error and open communication there is no limit to the knowledge we can accumulate about sex within our own relationship. Let the research begin!