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Interesting Sex Facts

I thought today I would throw some interesting sex facts at you. These facts were recently reflected in various polls and sex studies. Not every fact will perfectly match up with your own sex life because everyone is different. Here are some facts that you might find interesting.

1. Only 29% of women say they experience an orgasm with their partner.

2. However, 75% of men say they do experience an orgasm with their partner. (I thought this would have been higher)

3. On the average, Americans have sex 66 times per year. Under 30 the number goes up to 109, in the  50’s it drops to 52.

4. Sexual activity for older people does not boost their chances of having a heart attack. To the contrary, older people that have sex a few times per week reduce their chances of suffering a heart attack by 50%.

5. Too much sex will cause a penis to shrink temporarily. One more good reason to reduce stress.

6. The average length of the erect penis is between 5 and 6 inches.

7. Women are more likely to experience an orgasm through oral sex (18%), only 10% of men are more likely.

8. The average male takes 5.4 minutes to ejaculate during sexual intercourse. Unforunately, it only takes them less than a minute to roll over and fall asleep afterwards.

9. Men think about sex twice as much in a day more then women.

10. Women are much different then men when it comes to sex. Women are more likely to state they are bi-sexual and a variety of social or cultural factors can interfere with their sex drive.

Final Thought

As I stated earlier there may be no direct relation from these facts and your particular sex life. They are simply snapshots from particular groups. It merely provides us with some insight on how others view their sexual activity. I hope you enjoyed these facts and perhaps some of them brought a smile to your face.