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Is Our Love For Technology Hurting or Helping Our Sex Lives?

Declines In Sexual Activity

Although many would rush to the conclusion that sexual activity must certainly be on the upswing around the world; this may not be the case at all. A recent study in the United Kingdom displayed that there has been a 20% decline in sexual activity in this century alone. Japan has shown a decline in sexual activity as well. What is causing this alarming trend?

Sexual Activity And The Internet

To say that the Internet has delivered instant satisfaction in our search for all types of information is an understatement. Porn for example used to be hard to come by, but now may be viewed on the Internet as easily as a click of a keyboard button. In some cases the availability to view porn only delivers self gratification, but others may utilize it to enhance sexual desire.

The net does offer opportunities to research sex, obtain sexual enhancement products and provide porn viewing pleasure. In addition there is the utilization of the webcam and chat. People have been engaging in sexual stimulated chat since technology presented it. The webcam added an entirely new dimension to the activity.

However, the Internet can harm sexual activity in a different way. Many people take their Internet into the bedroom, sometimes for work and sometimes to play games, tweet or visit with Facebook friends. In many cases this causes a decline in intimacy as one partner or the other falls asleep while waiting.

Smart Phones Could Be A Problem Too

It has been reported that 10% of younger Americans use their Smart Phones while having sex. Unless the shape of phones have changed drastically the assumption is that they are utilizing their cameras for instant porn screen shots or making home movies they hope to brag about in the future. Phone sex has become an easy out for the busy couples as well.

Final Thought: Technology or Intimacy

No matter how advanced technology becomes it is this man’s opinion that nothing can ever replace the flesh to flesh experience in it’s raw and natural progression. Regardless of how busy and stressful my life becomes I do not look forward to technological sex as a replacement for the real thing. The most important lure to sexual activity should be the emotional attraction, the burning desire for your partner that takes you to places you have never been and leaves you only wanting more.

I enjoy modern technology as much as the next guy, but I enjoy the intimate company of a female even more. If we allow ourselves to lose that personal intimacy and leave our sexual gratification to technology, we will lose that special something that bonds us as humans in a world where our sensuality is best enhanced by our ability to feel the touch of those we desire.