How To Increase Males Sperm Count For Having Children

When a male struggles with a low sperm count it can be very frustrating trying to be successful in the process of conceiving. Studies have shown that men suffer infertility issues more than women and one of the most found problems leading to infertility in men is a sperm count that is low. According to the World Health Organization you can define regular sperm count as that which displays a 20 million per ml concentration of spermatozoa. It is suggested that the semen volume probably be close to 2ml. The normal male should conceivably ejaculate around 40 million spermatozoa at one time. In addition, no more than 25% of that spermatozoon can be defined as dead.

It would appear there is some indecision about what is actually considered normal or average and how important that is in the fertility process. We say this because lower sperm counts have been successful; while higher counts have been unsuccessful. What we do know is that various issues can lead to low sperm count in the male that include smoking, stress, infections, drugs, genetics, obesity and improper nutrition.

You can increase that sperm count and your chances of being fertile by:

•    Exercising on a regular basis, but being careful not to place stress on the testicle region.
•    It is also believed that you can improve blood circulation by utilizing herbal oil and massaging the body.
•    Avoiding alcohol, drugs and smoking.
•    Where boxers for better circulation.
•    It has been suggested that the morning displays higher sperm counts making sex in the morning more beneficial.
•    Get proper nutrition.
•    Utilize vitamins and supplements of a natural nature that are known for increasing sperm count levels.

Vitamins like Vitamin C & E are suggested. In addition, Carnitine and Zinc Arginine are popular as well. Vitamin B12 Selenium is another option as well. Men should eat plenty of nuts, fruits and seeds to boost their sperm counts. Let us not forget the benefits of our veggies, whole grains and legumes as well. It is also suggested that the male should also consume around 48 oz of water per day. As is often the case; simply taking care of your body is one of the best ways to increase your sperm count.