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Can You Increase Semen After Seed Implant

Our goal is to provide subjective answers to the essential questions being asked online that are related to the sexual enhancement condition. One of the questions that we keep hearing is; can you increase semen after a seed implant?

Before we attempt to answer this question we feel it is important that we provide information about the seed transplant process. A seed implant is a very common treatment designed to treat prostate cancer. The idea is to implant tiny tubes of radiation into the prostate that expel the radiation to combat the cancer in the organ without harming any organs in the vicinity.

Recent studies have determined that a seed implant is just as effective as surgery in the treatment of prostate cancer. It should be known that all treatments can cause various side effects and this should be discussed with the physician. Although this procedure has only become standard over the last decade or two; Alexander Graham Bell discussed it as a possibility over a century ago. The process today can easily involve over 100 of these seeds being implanted into the prostate at one time. This process is typically used when the cancer is contained to a very small area.

After a seed implant has been completed 76% of men suffer very little sexual dysfunction. This has a lot to do with age. The younger man will have a better chance of remaining potent after the implant. Those over the age of 70 can expect to experience some issues. Typically it is suggested that one third of men will suffer no sexual problems at all, another third will suffer some, and the final third will have noticeable problems to address.

One of the things a man can expect is that he will have a much less volume of semen to ejaculate after the transplant. However, the pleasure sensation should be unaltered. The loss of semen is due to the radiation, which will not allow the prostate to deliver as much fluid. Although a patient can have sex any time once the seed implant is completed; a condom must be worn for the first two weeks so that no seed can be transferred. Once the two weeks is over; this is no longer an issue.

Although there is no actual medical treatment to reverse the reduced semen volume issue; the patient may be able to try a variety of natural herbs, vitamins and minerals that would typically help to increase normal semen volume.

The product Semenax is a semen volume producer that could help.  It is best to consult your medical professional to see what, if any, options will actually increase the volume of semen after the seed implant.

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