Better Sex

Assuming The Right Position

If you want to enjoy great sex it is very important that you assume the right position. There are many different sexual positions to be explored if you want to achieve a wide variety of orgasms from different forms of contact. Just about everyone is familiar with the missionary position, which is quite common in most bedrooms. Others are familiar with the cowgirl position that has the female riding on top. The doggy style position with the male behind the female is quite popular as well, but those are only three of a wide range of positions to be enjoyed.

Some of the other positions include the stand and deliver, the leap frog, the wheelbarrow and the corkscrew to name a few. There are many different books and online guides available to assist you in finding new positions you and your partner could assume. Not every position works for every person. It would be up to you and your partner to find the right positions that deliver the most enjoyment for both of you.

I won’t go into all the details of every position, but I will tell you that there is a position for everyone who is willing to explore the possibilities. The surest way to boredom in the bedroom is to assume the same position every time you engage in sex. You can find true sexual enhancement by simply exploring your options and thinking outside the box.

If you are willing to try new sexual positions you will notice a huge boost in your libido. Your sexual desire will get hotter than you ever thought possible. Don’t let the amber’s in your sex life turn cold. Spice up your sex life by assuming a different position from time to time. Enjoy new sensations from different angles that will lead to a very climatic explosion. If you are willing to assume the right position you can get the most out of your sexual encounter.