Male Enhancers



Stamanex is one of the male sexual enhancement products which is available in the market. The manufactures claims that it is made out of pure natural ingredients.  However, the formula has not been recognized by any authorized agencies.  Stamanex is good for increased sex interest and prolonged sexual drive.

The ingredients of Stamanex are capable of producing more testosterone. This hormone is actually the decicieve factor for increased or decreased libido. If your body produces more testosterone, your sexual performance will be above the mark.  Stamanex also increase the stamina of the body. It helps to achieve tight muscles. Stamanex targets andropause with different positions. So, testosterone production is just one advantage among many more of Stamanex.

Manufactures claims that Stamanex helps to increase the blood flow of male body, especially to the penis shaft of men.  Stamanex decreases the lipid volume of the body, boost the alertness and sharpen the memory.  However none of them have been clinically proven.

Stamanex Key benefits:

1. Increased libido
2. Long sexual drive
3. Helps to build a muscular body.
4. Sharpen the brain

Stamanex Ingredients:

Niacin, Horny Goat Weed, Icarin, Maca, German Tribulus, Furostanolic Saponins, Fenusterois, Avena Sativa, Eurycoma Longfolia and Ginkgo Biloba are the major ingredients of Stamanex.

Stamanex Side effects:

There is no side effects due to Stamanex have officially reported. However, it may produce more testosterone in woman and they will show more masculine characters than feminine characters.  There is a possibility of debar from sports to athletes due to the violation of drug control laws.