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Things That Bring Your Sex Drive Down

There are many things in our lives that can ultimately bring down sex drive. Some of these things affect more people than others. Every low libido problem cannot be solved with a plate of oysters; nor can it be eradicated by a good dose of the infamous, Spanish fly. Our libido has more to do with our mental and physical state than the simple ability to get aroused.

The things that really effect our libido are endured by millions of people around the world everyday. They are common things that can sometimes be controlled, but other times not. Here are a dozen things that wreck havoc on our libido:

Relationship problems – We have repeated this numerous times, but it cannot be stated enough. Lack of communication leads to withdrawal and mistrust. It gives birth to bitter feelings and conjures up doubts and misconceptions. Keep the doors of communication open between you and your partner and it can lead to enhanced libido.

Self Esteem – The bottom line is people that don’t feel comfortable with their image regrettably lack libido in many cases. They don’t feel good about themselves, which makes them think their partners don’t either. Therefore, they avoid sex altogether. People can take steps to lose weight and tone their bodies for better health and enhanced libido.

Excessive drinking – We are sorry to inform you that alcohol is not the answer to sexual enhancement or boosted libido. A drink may relax some people and get them in the mood, but excessive drinking is a libido killer. No one is saying you cannot drink before sex, but if you drink too much you are risking poor performance and not only destroying your libido, but your partners as well.

Fatigue – Lack of sleep does more than make you tired and grouchy. It can also damper your sex drive. There is nothing wrong with working hard and playing harder, but it is essential to get enough sleep to give your body, and your libido, a fighting chance.

Kids – We are not insinuating that kids alone hurt sex drive, but the fact is they can take a lot out of us. It is vital that as parents we make time for mommy and daddy too. Plan some nap time romps, or get someone to watch the kids so that you can make good use of some alone time.

Erectile Dysfunction – Some men have trouble getting an erection. Erectile dysfunction is more common than you might think and there are many causes behind it. Just because a man cannot get an erection does not mean he does not find you attractive. There is treatment for this and men should seek it.

Menopause – When many women reach menopause they tend to experience issues with dryness, which results in painful intercourse, and therefore often leads to a dive in libido. There are creams that can be used to eradicate this problem. A little understanding and lubricants can cause a surge in libido.

Low Testosterone – Testosterone is imperative to sound sex drive. There is treatment for this. Visit your doctor for more information.

Stress – Perhaps the main slayer of libido in our lives is stress. Let’s face it most of us are working hard to get a head in a competitive world. In a relationship everyone has to do their part to support what is best for the family. Issues at work can carry over into our homes, and problems at home can carry over into our work. It is a vicious cycle that just chokes the life out of your sex drive. Partners must work together to find stress reducers. The act of sex can be a stress reducer.

We need to find ways to relax and calm down. It is essential that partners don’t take out their stress on each other. Remember that your partner should be your soul mate; the one that shares the burdens of life with you. Support each other, be understanding, communicate, and you can alleviate stress as a sex drive enemy.

Final Word

If you want to enhance libido than don’t let the things we have mentioned take the wind out of your sails. Take the proper measures to enhance sex drive. Make the effort to ensure these things won’t bring your sex drive down. No one can really control you, or your partners sex drive. It is something people need to address openly with themselves and their partners. Don’t take the easy route and accept low libido. Fight for your right to enjoy sex with the one you love.