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Get To Know Your Condom

We are not recommending that you actually talk to your condom, but if it works for you then by all means proceed. We simply want you to know some interesting information about your condom that you may not already know. If you are sexually active, but are not rushing to push the baby carriage just yet, then you should learn more about your condom. The condom can be your best friend in these circumstances if you utilize it correctly. It has been concluded that this birth control method is around 98% effective, but only if they are used properly.

Choosing the Right One

Believe it or not, the regular size will secure nicely around the average penis. This is a touchy subject for many, but you don’t want to buy the extra large box to impress if you don’t have the goods to fill it up, which the majority of men do not. A loose condom is as worthless as breasts on a boar hog; it just won’t work. If it is to loose semen is going to leak out and there is a good chance it will slip off during the act. Choose the size that fits. Latex products are most commonly preferred.

Put it on Right

You are probably thinking that putting on a condom is not rocket science, and it is not, but you would be slightly surprised to learn how many men get it wrong. You might say it is as easy as pulling a sock onto your foot, and perhaps the similarities are there, but I have seen many men put their socks on inside out when in a hurry, (and even when they are not). If you put the condom on inside out it will not work as proficiently. Make sure you pull it all the way on, like a sock if you put it on halfway it is going to uncomfortable and will more than likely end up slipping off. Always leave a little room at the tip to catch the semen. Don’t try to put on 2 because it will not double the protection, it will only decrease the stimulation more, and it will be less effective.

A Few Tips

A few tips that might come in handy:

1. Always open the condom with your hands. Using your teeth or a sharp instrument can cause damage and make it worthless.
2. Don’t use oil based lubricants because they will only make the condom less effective.
3. Be careful when pulling out because you don’t want the condom to slip off and spill the semen.
4. Keep your condom in a dry-cool area, not in your wallet. Heat will break it down.

Final Word

Using your condom effectively can make the difference between pushing, or not pushing, that baby carriage sooner than expected. As easy as using a condom may seem; take the time to use them correctly. Children are great, and if you are looking to have them, then forget the condom altogether. If you are seeking protection using it correctly will provide you and your partner with the confidence you need, and allow you to concentrate more on enjoying the moment at hand.