Better Sex

More Questions About Sex

We continue our exploration through the many questions asked about the sexual relationship. There are many reasons why some people react differently to various sexual situations. Some of these questions may hit close to home. Many couples endure the same problems that cause questions to evolve. Here are our 5 questions for today.

1. I am more overweight than my spouse. His favorite position is when I am on top, but I feel a little self conscious about it. What can I do to enjoy this position too?

You said it was comfortable, but you didn’t say it was not working for you. Studies have shown that most women can get to an orgasm faster while on top. However, if it is not comfortable you can add soft items to add support where you feel the pain. If it is your size that is making you self-conscious than you need to engage in a exercise and diet plan to feel better about yourself. You didn’t say your husband won’t look at you so he must be enjoying himself, so if you are getting off and he is happy; turn off the lights and go to town.

2. My husbands penis is rather small. We enjoy sex now, but are there other positions that will make it more enjoyable?

In many situations what we think is small is much closer to average than you think. Some people are a little shorter in length, but make it up in width. Many women studied suggest that the circumference is more important than the length. One good position would be with him on top and your legs way up in the air. This allows for better penetration. You being on top will put you more in control and allow you to make the size work for you. Tell him you love the sex, but just want to experiment with new positions. You should get the most out of foreplay as well.

3. My husband wants to engage in sex for 60 minutes and I am happy with 20. What can I do?

So glad you asked this question. Many men feel pressured to last forever in sex. There is not a guy in the world that wants to be labeled the one minute man. However, much to the surprise of many men there are women just like you that are completely content after several good orgasms. If the reason for lengthy sex sessions is because he cannot reach an orgasm than that is another problem to explore altogether. Talk to him and inform him you love the sex that he is a beast, but that you would be just as happy with half the time. It may relieve some of his anxiety, stress and performance issues.

4. I have been faking orgasms while having intercourse with the guy in my life for four years. I only get off when I masturbate. What should I do?

The first thing you need to do is come clean with your guy. Trust is one of the most vital factors in any relationship. Let him know he is not the problem and communicate with him to teach him what gets you off. The most important thing is not that we always have an orgasm during intercourse, but that we have orgasms period. If he can stimulate you in some way and get you off than you can get him off during intercourse. Make it work for both of you. Try new positions and really get into foreplay.

5. My husband is afraid my vibrator will take his place. How can I ensure him this is not the case?

If he is really worried about your vibrator it could be because it is shaped like a penis. If this is the case then use those with different shapes that do the same trick. You want to make him feel like a major player in the sex act. Let him use the vibrator on you or some guys like to watch. Allow the vibrator to play one of the roles in the sexual act, but not all of it. Get him to understand that a solid sexual relationship is about give and take, about getting each other off in a variety of ways.

Final Note

Sex is just like life it is going to be what you make of it. Talk to your partner and let them know what gets takes you over the edge. Be willing to compromise about positions and toys that will provide the sexual enhancement you need. Make it happen and enjoy.