Better Sex

How To Have More Sex With Your Wife

Women and men are different. That is a fact and I have not just displayed some mind-altering truth that will send shock-waves through humanity. Our approach to sex is often very different. Many men complain their wives don’t want to have sex enough and many women say their husbands want it too much. This gives birth to the age-old tension between some men and women.

Begging To Differ

Of course this scenario may not apply to everyone. We know there are some  out there that will say their sex life is fine and that they engage in sexual activity daily; sometimes twice a day. We take our hat off to them. In addition, there are some couples where those roles are reversed. The women may desire sex more often and it is the men that are lacking in libido and making excuses.

Oh, The Excuses

The excuses for not having sex seem to go on and on. Here are some of the more popular that have been around for a while:

  • I am tired
  • I am too sweaty
  • I have a headache
  • I have to get up early
  • It is too hot
  • It is too cold
  • I am just not feeling it

Perhaps there are moments when these excuses are valid, but how many times are there extended needs not being addressed?

The Approach

The approach is everything. If you want more to enjoy more sexual activity with your wife you must plan your approach. The problem as many women see it is that many men lose the romance after the marriage. During the courting period the man opens doors, buys flowers, cards and candy. He liked to hold hands, cuddle and share tender moments. Then once the ring is on the finger and the stresses of married life take over; these romantic gestures often fade away.

Again, this is not to say that this happens to everyone, but it does happen a lot. Men have to get back to that approach if they want to score more in the bedroom. Women require special attention that sparks their libido. They are not always ready at the drop of a hat like a man. Try the unexpected. Don’t jump in the bed and say let’s have sex. Begin your approach long before you get to the bedroom. A simple touch, a romantic gesture or hidden notes that tell her how much you love her.

Final Thoughts

I know many men are gagging as they read this, but if you are not having enough sex with your wife you may want to give your approach some thought. I have long said that communication is the key. Communicate your feelings in whatever form makes you most comfortable. Don’t use the same approach all the time. Have sex in the morning instead of at night. Change it up.

I know there are many differences between the man and the women that may never be fully understood, but if we put in the effort perhaps we can better understand what will make our wives say “Yes” instead of “No” when it comes to sex. In many cases they want sex more than it appears; they just need to be approached in the right way.