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Holistic Sex Therapist For Increasing Women’s

Lot of women are looking for a natural alternative to increasing their libido, sexuality levels, and orgasm response without resorting to hormonal therapies.

Many women with age start to notice an increase in arousal time and sexual gratification response which is a common
indicator of balancing all aspects of female sexuality: emotional, physical, spiritual, etc. While the proliferation of men’s
pharmaceutical drugs is readily available, women need to be more conscious and educated about the kind of choices they
make when hormone therapy isn’t always the best option. Some health practitioners go as far as prescribing male
testosterone and other pharmaceuticals when in fairness, nature has the ability to provide us with everything we need to go towards a roadmap of self-healing.

Among the first things I look at is female diet habits, smoking, exercise regimes, alcohol consumption, nutritional intake, and supplements, especially herbal ones. Many women who complain of vaginal dryness or even frigidity get an extremely quick response when they increase the amount of water they drink every day along with 10-15 minutes of quiet meditation or “me time”.¬† I also encourage every woman, regardless of their level of fitness to incorporate a program of astanga yoga at least 3-4 times a week which seems to be an exercise holy grail of regulating hormones, maintaining flexibility, especially in the hip areas, stimulating kidneys, whose “chi” energy is necessary for optimum sexual health and awareness.

However, many women still want to have an overall and rounded approach in getting that extra edge in making sure their
levels of sexuality, intensity of orgasm, and fertility potential with advancing age is compatible to their 25 year old friends.
Individual and herbal supplements taken on their own may include Black Cohosh, Wild Yam, Dong Quai, Ashwaganda, and
others. But the real trick is having a maximum combination of herbs that can maintain a quick and natural response in terms f regulating hormone levels, increasing sexual energy, balancing the flow of sexual “chi”, and giving women the same but atural edge as men who contemplate using Viagra Or Cialis. The one product that myself and fellow practitioners suggest s an all natural herbal formula call Provestra.

Provestra includes a combination of the world’s most potent and natural hormone regulators and female sexual libido enhancers¬†including:

(1)Maca – legendary South American herb with a very old reputation for increasing libido

(2) Red raspberry leaf – a female stimulant, uterine contraction regulator, pregnancy herb

(3) Red clover – a blood purifier and nutritive, helpful outcome on hormonal systems regulating pregnancy and breastfeeding

(4)Cayenne pepper – a stimulant that equalizes circulation and supports the heart

(5) Licorice root – a botanical that toughens and tones the adrenal glands and enhances hormonal task

(6)Bayberry fruit – a non-artificial ingredient that improves blood flow and capillary expansion in the mucus walls of the
vagina to enhance lubrication}

(7) Damiana leaf – a long-time remedy used as a love potion for its ability to stimulate genitals

(8) Valerian root – a time-honored cure that decreases pressure and emotional anxiety trauma, aids in a restful sleep, and
eases menstrual spasms

(9) Ginger root – a complete system that improves the action of other herbs

(10) Black Cohosh root – preferred by midwives that acts on the uterine and vaginal ability to shrink, maintains hormones
and has a mild calming effect

The response that I have had from my patients and clients indicate that the combination of these ingredients are extremely potent in terms of increasing circulation, balancing hormones, tension reduction, and female-specific toning and sexual timulation of the both the labia and clitoris.

Off course every woman may need to experiment with the actual dosage as well as adjust her overall lifestyle to have a
more holistic response to her increased libido and sexually enjoyment.

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