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Does Maca Enhance Libido?

Maca is a plant largely found in the mountains of Peru. It is an essential part of the local diet and has long been considered a superfood. Although the root of this plant appears to be a turnip; it actually tastes more like a potato. The Maca root is known to contain iron,  selenium, calcium, and magnesium. Stemming from the starch family this herb, as it is commonly identified, is full of proteins and fats. All of this is fine and good, but does Maca hold the magical powers of sexual healing that truly enhance sexual libido?

The History

Maca has been part of Peruvian folk lore for over 20 centuries. In Peru it has always been believed that this popular herb is beneficial for many things. It has long been utilized for medical purposes by local natives. It has long been suggested that Maca delivers extra energy and improves mental awareness. In addition, the locals believe it has always provided a boost to their sex drive, but is there any evidence to back this up?

The Studies

There have been more studies on animals than humans in an attempt to discover the true secrets of Maca. The sexual benefits of this herb has been a subject of great debate for centuries. It would seem that everyone has their own opinion on this herbs ability to boost libido or offer any sexual benefits at all. There is no conclusive evidence to support Maca as some magical love potion, but does that mean it does not help?

Sitting on the Fence Post

Everyone in the world is different. It is very difficult to believe that everyone would react the same to any herb. This subject reminds me of the magic sugar pill. If you can convince a patient that it will boost your libido; would it work? Sometimes all a person needs is self confidence; the ability to believe in themselves. I find myself sitting on the fence post on this one and could easily slip off to either side of the equation.

The Final Note

Perhaps there is no official proof that Maca boosts libido, but some studies have shown it supports problems with menopause and fertility in men. There is also no proof that this herb does not do what the Peruvians believe it does. What we do know is that Maca is not harmful and if someone believes strongly enough that it will improve their sex drive, well; there is no harm in that either.