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JELQ Device

JELQ Device
JELQ Device

Trying to get your penis to spontaneously grow a few inches is nothing new. It is only normal to want more than what you’ve been naturally given, and even men with above average penises often would like to gain an extra inch or two, if possible!

The question is: how do you go about getting that extra size? The market has been flooded with pills, supplements and devices that aim to help you do just that.

Then, there’s a device that helps you to perform natural exercises that have been around since ancient times- the JELQ Device.

JELQ Device Results

The JELQ Device works off of simple science that shows that when you increase blood flow along the entire length of your penis in a certain way, it facilitates growth. While people have done this kind of exercise (called “jelqing”) since ancient Arabia, the JELQ Device has provided a better way to go about it.

The simple design of the JELQ Device hides the considerable time and effort that has been put into its design. The device is ergonomically designed to ensure that you won’t tire yourself out while performing the exercises (which you would quickly do if you did them by hand instead of with the device).

This helps to ensure that you can do the exercises safely and productively for maximum growth. The device’s comfortable rollers ensure safety and use a precision weighting system to guarantee regular, constant.

Using the JELQ Device

Because you are actually exercising your penis, the JELQ Device must be used in a very specific manner. Fortunately, the device ships with detailed instructions on not only how to use the product, but how to warm up properly to avoid injury and get the maximum possible results.

Look at it this way: you wouldn’t want to work out your other body parts without warming up first, right?

When you start getting results and want to step it up a bit, advanced exercises are provided to allow you to do just that.

Every step of the way, the JELQ Device’s design ensures that you have maximum safety and comfort as you strive toward a larger, fuller penis.

JELQ Device Side Effects

Jelqing Exercise can burst blood vessels*, sometimes causing bleeding from the urethra (which can lead to infection and other complications if not taken care of.

* The penis warm-up exercise will make the penis more elastic and thus more susceptible to the effects of the jelqing or stretching device and therefore giving positive jelq device reviews.

JELQ Exercise Device Price

Order Jelq Device at only $99.95 from
It includes a complete exercise device with new Dura-Cylinders.

Jelq Device Money-Back Guarantee

Jelq Device offers a No Risk 30-Day Money Back Guarantee so you can try the device with complete confidence.

Contact Jelq Device Manufacturers

Contact the Manufacturer For more information or to purchase the JELQ Device, check out the website at

Alternately, you can call them toll-free at 1-800-979-5357 for more information or to order the JELQ Device.

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