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Many people would agree that a lot of women take their breast size very seriously. There are some that even suggest that breast size is as important to women as penis size is to men. Some women with smaller breasts do not feel like they are complete.

Triactol Breast Enhancement Cream
Triactol Breast Enhancement Cream

They can become less confident in their bodies, which leads to stress. There was a time when women in this frame of mind would spend a fortune on breast enhancement surgery. However, the many surgical mishaps and notorious side effects have led to a decline in this procedure. In addition, there is a non surgical method available.

It is a bust serum called Triactol and the product suggests it can help women achieve breasts that are fuller and well rounded; but is this product for real? Lets review it and form our own opinion.

Lets face it. Women want to look good and they want to look appealing to their partner. They want to look good in their fashion of choice and they want to be truly confident in their appearance. Those who produce breast enhancement products are well aware of this fact as well. Therefore, you will find a wide range of such products on the market at any given time. Needless to say not every product can back up what it promises, but where does Triactol rate?

It is important for women to find a product they can trust to be safe and effective. They want bigger and better breasts without all the complications.

So, what exactly is Triactol?

Triactol is comprised of one main natural herb called Pueraria mirifica, which has been used in Thailand for medical purposes for years. The natural ingredients in Triactol are designed to reduce wrinkles, ease menopause symptoms, and make those breasts larger and rounder. Since the product only utilizes natural herbal ingredients there are no side effects to report.

The producers of this product point out that cosmetic surgery can cost thousands and thousands of dollars and offer many possible complications. However, they claim that Triactol will only take a month to display a cup size enhancement with no 6-8 weeks recovery time like surgery entails.

Is Triactol Effective?

Studies have indicated that over 80% of the women interviewed claimed that their breasts were bigger and presented better bust lift. Over 90% proclaimed their breasts were firmer than ever.

These results were compounded after 42 days. Many users have spoken up in favor of Triactol and said the product had already boosted their confidence as well as their busts. Those types of results are pretty impressive.


When you buy Triactol you get a 60 day money back guarantee. This eliminates any risk on the buyers part. The product may seem expensive to some; costing about $128 for a months supply, but when you compare this to the thousands spent on risky cosmetic surgery, it makes Triactol a worthwhile investment.

For women looking for a safe, risk free option for enhancing breast size; Triactol seems to be a sound alternative to surgery.