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Vipra has been discontinued

Vipra pills bottle
Vipra pills bottle

Vipra has been discontinued

Vipra is considered as one of the best erectile dysfunction medicine available in the market. The product is claiming to be pure herbal. The herbal ingredients of this product are capable of curing the blocks in the arteries. This property of vipra helps to flow more blood to the penis.  More blood circulation to the penis during the arousal will help strong libido and prolonged intercourse.

Vipra pills are used to treat erectile dysfunction. This problem may hurt the sexual life of men. Men with erectile dysfunction always complain about the lack of libido. Like any other herbal male enhancement product, Vipra is also having the capability to be effective male enhancement.   This is because of the herbal ingredients of this product. Puama is one among them. This substance is claiming to be the best aphrodisiac herb.

The product is claiming to be pure herbal. However, the vipra capsules contains orchic substances and it is not at all herbal. It is extracted from bovine testes. This questions the credibility of the product. This inaccurate description about the product by the manufactures put the ‘quality’ of vipra in an ambiguity.

The Vipra formula has not been clinically proven. The side effects of this product are not yet discovered, rather disclosed.   However, the product Vipra contains only natural substances and most of these ingredients are capable of male sexual enhancement.

Major Advantages:

1) Increased libido
2) Work against erectile dysfunction
3) Prolonged sexual libido and arousal
4) Increase the length and girth of the penis during sex
5) End the performance anxiety of men.

Main Vipra Ingredients

Tribulus, Saw Palmetto, Yohimbe Extract or Yohimbe Bark, Epimedium Extract, Maca, Oatstraw, Pauma, Ginseng blend, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Octacosonal, L-Arginine, Potency Wood, Orchic Substance

Vipra Side effects

There are no side effects reported yet due to the use of Vipra. However it is not advisable for high BP persons because it may cause increased blood circulation and artery hemorrhage.