Better Sex

Foreplay That Will Drive Her Over The Edge!

The secret to a memorable sexual experience for women is foreplay. Women enjoy being teased and touched until they are boiling over with anticipation. Every man should enter the sexual encounter with the sole purpose of getting his woman to this level of ecstasy.

Most men engage in some type of foreplay prior to jumping in head first. It is not my intention to disregard any methods that may be deemed effective on their part. My only objective is to provide some additional options that may boost the sexual experience. Here are 5 foreplay ideas that are almost certain to driver her over the edge increasing her sexual desire and leading to the sexual promised land.

Foreplay with the clothes still on – Does this method seem foreign to you? It should not. There is something sexy and arousing about taking her over the edge with her clothes still on. Take dry humping for example. Many women can experience extreme sexual satisfaction through this action. In actually, women can reach numerous orgasms without every removing a piece of clothing. However, if you really want to drive her wild use it as foreplay and lead her to the edge and make her want you even more.

Spontaneous Touching – Touching a woman spontaneously can send erotic messages her throughout the day. Sneak in an erotic touch in public places where sex is normally out of the question. Make her think about it. Make her want it knowing that she will have to wait to get it. Don’t embarrass her. Be discreet. Simply slide your hand or fingers nearby areas that might boost her sexual awareness and then leave her hanging with a sensual smile and visions of things to come.

Foreplay Using Massage – Massage has always been an effective form of sexual foreplay. However, it has to be administered with a sensual goal in mind. The objective is not to send her into a deep sleep, but to awaken her sexual desire. As erotic as it may appear the massage should not begin with her on her back. Have her lay comfortably on her stomach and avoid looking to eager to dive right into the juicy areas. Slide your hands erotically close to senuous areas without making contact. It is all about building to the payoff.

The Neck and Foreplay – The neck of a woman is very sensual. Most women are instantly aroused when their man kisses them gently across their shoulders and onto their neck. Doing this from behind can often enhance the excitement. Kissing her all over her neck lightly and then more sensually will get her motor running and increase the intensity of her passion.

Touchless Foreplay – You may be thinking how not touching could be a form of foreplay. You would be surprised how far a sexy note left on her pillow will lift her spirits. Writing a short intimate message on the bathroom mirror with lipstick or leaving an erotic note for her in her pocket when she goes to work. These actions show that you are thinking about her and it will cause her to think about you all day as well as she anticipates the sexual adventure that awaits.

The Final Word

There are numerous ways to engage in foreplay, Although every woman is different if you approach these foreplay methods seriously they will surely have a positive impact on your sexual experience. I encourage all men to use sexual foreplay as an effective tool to drive their women over the edge until their needs require full and immediate compensation.