Think Before You Speak During Sex!

We know that is simply common sense to look before we leap. It is just as imperative to think before we speak during sex. It is okay to talk dirty when you are locked up in sexual desire and both libidos are at their peak, but there are certain things that should never come out of your mouth during the sexual encounter. If you blurt out the wrong thing in the heat of the moment the fire could get a lot hotter than you can stand.

One thing you never want to do while having sex with your partner is call out the wrong name. This is definitely a mood killer and will almost always end the romp in the hay; unless of course you are role playing. If you call out the wrong name by accident your partner is going to wonder where your mind is and rightfully so. If you can’t call out your partners name; don’t call out any names at all.

Another thing you never want to say in bed is that we need to wrap this up before my boyfriend or girlfriend gets back. As stimulating as this may sound to some it can be a real buzz kill for most. This can cause libido to take a serious dive. Most men will visualize a huge boyfriend with issues of anger and most women understand a women scorned.

In addition you don’t want to stop your partner during the sexual encounter and tell them you should do something a specific way because that is how my former partner used to do it. Sexual insecurity can be excessive and statements like this can take those feelings over the edge. If you want something done differently just tell your partner this is what I like; don’t tell them someone else did it better.

The last thing you should never do during the sexual encounter is ask your partner to marry you. Although it may feel right at the moment it could easily scare off someone in the early stages of a relationship, but more importantly it will make them think you are asking for all the wrong reasons. It is unlikely that most people are going to propose during sex, but just don’t go there. You also want to be careful about repeating how much you love your partner during sex if you never say it outside of the bed. This is an expression that should be used when it is genuine and than done so with consistency.

I am sure you can think of many more things that should not be mentioned during the sexual encounter. Talking in bed takes common sense just like anything else we do in life. Many people have a problem with talking without thinking and it eventually gets them into trouble. This is a bad habit you don’t want to exercise in the bedroom. Think before you speak during sex. As always we welcome your opinion on this subject.