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The Best Delay Spray For Men

Today we are going to talk about the Best Delay Spray for Men that can be found on the market today.  As always our mission is not to support or reject any product, but rather to offer you a subjective review of the opportunities available to you.  We will provide the information and allow you to make the educated decision as to which product is best for you.

Delay spray for men has one primary purpose and that is to desensitize the penis to prevent pre-ejaculation.  Pre-ejaculation is a problem for many men around the world.  When the sensation of intercourse is strong the man is much more likely to ejaculate prematurely.  By using a delay spray he can get aroused and spray and extend his ejaculation much longer.  These sprays should be viewed as permanent treatment for this problem.  However, they are good temporary remedies.

The first delay spray for men we will talk about is Stud 100 Male Genital Desensitizer Spray.  The project suggests that it works immediately.  The spray is odorless and ozone friendly.  The active ingredient found in this product is Lidocaine.  The product claims that it is providing longer lasting sex for millions around the world for more than 3 decades.

Another delay spray for men is Actacaine Male Desensitizer Spray.  This product is also a Lidocaine based anesthetic treatment that proclaims it prolongs ejaculation by desensitizing the penis area.  Once again there is no odor or taste and it will supposedly prevent ejaculation twice as long as usual.

Gibraltar Male Climax Control Spray is another delay spray for men that promise to be greaseless, odorless and tasteless.  It is supposed to work quickly and effectively and one of the ingredients is Lidocaine.

Die Hard Delay Spray for Men claims to be confidence builder for men of all ages.  This product is also Lidocaine Topical and the application dries with in 30 seconds leaving no taste, no grease and no odor.

This only a few of the supposed best delay spray for men products you can find online.  They come in a wide array of prices and all seem to use Lidocaine as the desensitizer.  There is no doubt that these sprays will prolong your ejaculation, but you the consumer must decide which one will work better for you.