RestoreMax Penis Skin Therapy

Restore Max has been discontinued

RestoreMax rushes maximum therapy to the skin of your penis that heals, restores, and protects your penis no matter what you put it through.

Restore-Max Cream is big in Trinidad
A cream which, its manufacturers promise, will improve the texture, elasticity, and sensitivity of the skin on the penis is said to be a hot item among men in Trinidad and Tobago.

In a press release issued in Miami, Florida on behalf of MensMax, the company which created Restore Max Penis Skin Care Treatment, Trinidad and Tobago was listed as one of the countries which have driven up monthly sales of the product. Denmark and Kuwait were also high on the list.

Robert Redstone, from, is quoted as saying that the company was not prepared for such a response from the international market.

“(We) had to immediately adapt the order form to handle orders from all nations,” Redstone said.

The company’s president Michael Dugan said the treatment was now being shipped to every country across the globe.

“Although we do very little international marketing, word about RestoreMax seems to be spreading across the globe due to search engine optimisation, and a consistent email campaign,” he said.

Dugan said they have had repeat orders from several customers who tried the product which is sold online at a cost of US$19.