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How to know that a woman is orgasming?

Signs of Impending Orgasm…

As she gets closer and closer her vaginal muscles will tense more and more. Her mental focus will be on the source of sexual stimulation, her extraneous body movements may decrease or increase (usually decrease) her eyes will close, her face and chest will flush, the muscles around her vaginal opening will clench tighter and tighter.

The muscles in her abdomen, pelvis, hips and thighs will tense, her back will arch and she may thrust her hips forward toward the source of the stimulation, and finally usually right before she climaxes there will be what I call ” the calm before the storm” just before she goes over the edge of climax she will completely freeze up this may last anywhere from one to five seconds after which all of her muscles spontaneously relax and she becomes lost in wave after wave of orgasmic release.

Some women will make lots of noise, some will be absolutely silent, some will moan, some will even purr.

The verbal responses to orgasm are highly individual and therefore not always reliable. The physiological indicators I outlined above are very reliable. Plus when you learn the one orgasm women can not fake you will always know that you got her off.

It’s easy to think your woman is orgasming if you only pay attention to the sounds that she makes.

Remember a master key to being a true sexual master is the ability to read and interpret what is going on with your partner’s body in ways most men truly have no clue about.

It takes some time and a bit of practice but when you finally begin to notice the indicators I am describing they become like a sexual GPS that will tell you exactly what you need to be doing and how to do it in the way that fits your woman the best and that’s a level of sexual skill every woman lusts for in a man and it makes you a veritable god among ants!

Taken from Orgasm Secrets eBook