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Exercises to Use with Magna rx+

BETTER Magna Rx+ Results are Obtained in conjunction with a Natural Enlargement Excercices.

Penis Warm Up
Applying heat every 10 to 15 minutes during your natural penis enlargement workout. This will relax the tissues in your penis and increase blood flow. A hot shower can be used as a warm up.

Penis Squeeze
The squeeze is a special exercise to increase girth and give you thicker erections.

Penis Stretching
This exercise will help lengthen your penis and stretch the ligaments attaching penis to pubic bone.

Encircle your penis with thumb and first finger behind the head. Pull at a downward angle for a count of 30. While pulling perform the PC quick flex exercise. After the 30 count grab your penis at the base and shake quickly 20 or 30 times to relax it.

Jelq, our last magna rx+ recommended excercice, works by forcing more blood into the penile chambers than they would normally accept during an erection, and by stretching the penile tissues. Over time these tissues will expand to accommodate the larger volumes of blood.

Having a partial erection during Jelq is the second key step to enlargement success. Your penis should be almost to erect size but still flexible. Apply a generous amount of lubrication to your member and grasp the penis at its base with your thumb and first finger encircling it in an OK sign.

Your hand position can be palm facing up from underneath the penis with the thumb over the top or hand over the top of the penis palm facing down with the thumb encircling under. Start with whichever is most comfortable to you. Push your hand towards the head of your penis applying enough pressure to force blood forward toward the head. Release and immediately repeat with your other hand.