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Casual Sex: To Do or Not To Do!

Casual sex is often associated with “one night stands” or “booty calls.” It should be understood that casual sex does not indicate that a person sleeps with a different person every night to satisfy their sexual hunger. Casual sex is engaging in sex without committing to just one partner.

The debate surrounding casual sex has been raging for what seems like an eternity. You will find many faithful believers of the activity and just as many more to speak against it. When it comes to casual sex the question seems to be should one engage in it or not.

The Naysayers

The naysayers of casual sex have long suggested that these encounters cause serious emotional and psychological problems, but is this really the case? A recent study conducted at the University of Minnesota suggests otherwise. A study established in frigid Minnesota should be given some merit. After all, it gets very cold in the land of a thousand lakes, which causes many to seek warmth where the possibility exists. A heated sexual encounter is a sure-fire way to warm up on a cold night.

Results of the Study

Back to the study. The study established that there were no apparent proof that casual sex causes psychological disturbance of any kind. This is obviously a considerable blow to the many that believe in abstinence, but just because casual sex does not make you go crazy, is it still a good practice to pursue?

The Role of Emotions in Sex

We all should know by now that sex encountered the right way can be quite enjoyable. However, sex is more than a physical activity. Emotions play a major role in the sexual encounter as well. There are numerous factors to consider before leaping head-first into sexual activity. Let us explore the good and the bad points about casual sex.

The Good

The good thing about casual sex for many participants is the added excitement of sexual enjoyment without commitment. Whether is a “friends with benefits” situation or a by-chance encounter with someone you hooked up with at the laundromat; the idea is often to have “great sex” without the emotional ties, but is this always possible?

There are many people that want to explore their sexuality before entering a long-term commitment. Some fear that once they settle down their sex lives will be less exciting because they are limited to one partner. It is important to remember that all people do not view the world with the same eyes. Views are often guided by one’s faith or by the family structure they were raised in.

The Bad

It is not easy for most to separate emotions the sexual encounter. Sex is physical, but it is also an activity that naturally increases emotional bonding. Maybe you thought you could sleep with a friend, or a stranger and take off your emotions with your clothing, but is it really that easy? Perhaps there are those that try to cover up those emotions with alcohol or recreational drugs, but does that work for the long haul?

There is always the danger of sexually transmitted diseases during casual sex as well. The dangers of sleeping with a stranger are obvious. The lure to casual sex is understandable. However, one should stop and consider the results that may occur. If you sleep with a good friend would that change the relationship? Would you suddenly develop feelings that may not be returned?

The Final Word

Sex is not a bad thing. The way in which it is pursued can lead to a wide range of results. It is not our intention to advise readers to engage in or to not engage in casual sex. Each person must evaluate their own intentions and what they are hoping to achieve. Everyone should know their limits and cater to their own values and beliefs. The debate over casual sex will continue into the unknown realm of what is right and what is wrong. Our only advice is to pursue enjoyable sex safely and responsibly.