50 Or Older? How Is Your Sex Life Measuring Up?

Are you in your 50’s and wondering if your sex life measures up? Don’t feel left out; you’re not alone. Many men spend a fair portion of their brain activity wondering if they are still hitting the ball out of the park. What we need to remember is that it is uncommon for anyone to hit a homer every time they walk up to the plate. We must also take into consideration that every person is different. Sexual performance is not based on physical elements alone. Mental performance is just as important to getting the most out of sexual activity.

By the time men reach their 50’s it is not unusual for thier sex drive to start pulling off at the side of the road. On the average, males at this age level enjoy love making once or twice a week. If you are still holding up to this schedule in your 60’s, you will be doing better than average. Women on the average tend to lose their sex drive even earlier, often due to menopausal issues. Of course, as mentioned, everyone is different.

Fading testosterone levels are normally the culprit that slows your sex drive when you have reached your 50’s, but it is not the only one. As we get older we begin to have problems with our backs, knees and other parts of the body. However, it goes even further beyond that. As we age our energy begins to deplete faster than when in our youth. In addition, our desire can often fall to the wayside as well.

Unfortunately, many people get older and begin to feel un-sexy. These individuals don’t think they have it anymore. They cannot imagine how their partner could still find them sexy and this slows down their desire to engage in sexual activity. This is a natural phenomenon and you should not feel ashamed of these emotions. The good news is that there are things we can do.

First of all it is important that we do everything possible to keep ourselves in good shape. We can exercise regularly and try to eat healthier as well. Secondly, we can work harder to keep the romance alive in our relationship. Try to focus more on quality, than quantity. If you are making love once or twice a week, go the extra mile to get the most out of that experience.

Improve the overall sexual experience by engaging in more romantic foreplay. Most women love to be cuddled and just about everyone loves to be stroked with tenderness. Kissing is another romantic way of showing affection and it can really fulfill you emotionally. There is no reason why an individual in their 50’s should try to perform the way they did in their 20’s. The important message here is that the focus should be on ensuring both partners enjoy the sexual relationship fully and if you are enjoying love making sessions once or twice a week; then you are certainly measuring nicely on the average.