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Vigorelle Review

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Female sexual enhancement creams have become very popular, with offerings such as Vigorelle quickly gaining a reputation for quality.

Vigorelle is known for helping to heighten clitoral arousal and sensitivity, along with helping to increase sexual stimulation. Vigorelle is therefore shown to help women achieve orgasms more easily and with greater regularity.

While many sexual enhancement products on the market are aimed toward men, products such as Vigorelle help to enhance a woman’s enjoyment of sexual experiences.

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Vigorelle does not just boost a woman’s chance of reaching orgasm by increasing her libido, but it also increases sexual energy, confidence and more.

The translation is that VIgorelle not only makes sex feel better, but makes women feel better and more eager to enjoy sex in the first place. It’s a well-rounded approach that helps Vigorelle to change women’s lives for the better.

Vigorelle Results

  • Women gain sexual health
  • Increase blood flow to clitoris
  • Natural lubrication
  • Increase in sexual energy and stamina
  • Increase libido
  • Water based formula
  • Editable, non toxic formula


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Vigorelle Ingredients

How does Vigorelle do it? With ingredients including damiana leaf, suma root, motherwort, wild yam, ginkgo biloba and peppermint leaf, this libido cream gets all-natural results.

All of the ingredients are completely organic. The combination of ingredients helps to increase blood flow to the clitoris while also enhancing both sexual energy and stamina.

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How to Use Vigorelle

Using Vigorelle is extremely easy. You start by simply applying a conservative amount of the product to the area below your clitoris. You should thoroughly rub it in (or have your partner do so) to aid in absorption.

The area beneath the clitoris is better for this absorption than the clitoris itself, which is why it is advised to apply Vigorelle in this manner.

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Vigorelle Side effects

It is important to know that Vigorelle is an organic, natural product that is not harmful if it gets in one’s mouth, as it is completely non-toxic.

It is a water-based formula and also enhances natural lubrication, too. It should go without saying then, that Vigorelle does not cause any side effects.

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Vigorelle Cream Price

Vigorelle is not expensive:

  • Only $59.95 for one bottle / 1 month supply
  • Only $109.95 for 2 bottles / 2 months supply (save $10)
  • Only $154.95 for 3 bottles / 3 months supply (save $25)
  • Only $289.95 for 6 bottles/ 6 months supply (save $70)
  • Only $489.95 for 12 bottles/ 12 months supply (save $229)


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Money Back Guarantee

You can get a 100% refund if you are not satisfied (minus shipping) within the first two months of purchasing the product.

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Contact Vigorelle manufacturers:

If you are interested in learning more about Vigorelle or purchasing it, you can get started at

You can call 1-866-269-3487 as well. The manufacturer’s mailing address is:

Leading Edge Health
 c/o 100 Fidelitone Way
 Elizabethton TN 37643
 United States of America

Phone: 1 866 269 3487

Coupon Code; 18905

Vigorelle Ships Worldwide

Vigorelle Shipping Options

Vigorelle is available in: USA (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Ohio, Oklahoma, Dallas, San Diego, Houston, Texas, Denver, and all states), Canada (Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa, Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal), Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart), South Africa (Capetown, Johannesburg, Pretoria), Europe, UK (London, Birmingham), Netherlands, Switzerland, Deutschland, Bruxelles, France (Paris), Spain, Denmark, Israel, UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Qatar, H.K, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Tailand, Pakistan (Karachi), India (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore) and the rest of the world.

How to Order Vigorelle

Credit Cards accepted

There are several options available for ordering Vigorelle. You can order Vigorelle securely online through the Vigorelle official website using a variety of methods.

Order options include: ordering online, by mail, fax, or phone. All credit cards and most debit cards are accepted. The process is safe, secure and discreet.

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April 25, 2020. By Deana Williams

Vigorelle Testimonials

RJB (7/3/2013) "I am sorry! Where can I get vigorelle product in Pretoria (South Africa)? Can you please give me the contact details of the shop in Pretoria (South Africa)? Please, I really need this product.".

Pamela Ann (19/7/2007) "Hi,

I was little bit skeptical about using vigorelle. I was little bit depressed about my sex life. Now, I can attain multiple orgasm during sex.".

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