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10 Words of Wisdom for the Bedroom

sexual wisdom

There are many myths and truths when it comes to activity in the bedroom. What works for some may not work for others. Studies continue to explore what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong in the sack. Here are 12 Words of Wisdom for the bedroom that may just provide more opportunities for sexual enjoyment between the sheets.

1. Masturbate as often as you like – Masturbation is actually a good thing. It is an excellent stress reducer and it introduces the possibility of exploring your own sexual persona.

2. Explore the bedroom possibilities – Don’t be afraid to change it up a bit. Anyone will get bored if you have sex in the same position, at the same time for decades. Explore something new from time to time as long it is comfortable for both of you.

3. Climaxing together is a rarity – Most couples would love to climax at the same time. Although it does occur, it is rare and typically less than 15% of the time. Don’t stress yourself out trying to climax together. Instead concentrate on making your partner have the best orgasm ever.

4. Put that vibrator to work – There are some women who seem to think that using a vibrator will make it harder to climax during sex with their partner. This is not true, so get good use out of that vibrator every chance you get.

5. Don’t fake it – Don’t fake orgasms. It misleads your partner and makes him believe he is doing something good when he is not. Teach him to do what it takes to make you reach a real orgasm. Men want to satisfy their women and most would like to do it honestly.

6. It is okay to plan sex – Sure there is something to be said for spontaneous sex, but planning sex is okay in this era when our lives are so hectic. Anticipation of the moment is still a good thing and both can be prepared to give it their all.

7. Don’t concentrate on quantity – It is not how much sex you have, but how well you have it. Enjoy sex when you can and work hard to make it memorable.

8. Thinking about sex – Men think about sex twice as much about sex than women, but women on the average still think about sex 10 times a day.

9. Clean that bedroom – A clean bedroom is more relaxing and therefore sets the proper mood for a good romp in the sack.

10. Forget the shop talk – Don’t talk about stressful topics in the bedroom. It is a big downer and sets the wrong mood for sexual success.

The Final Word

Hopefully these words of wisdom will help you in the bedroom or at least shed some light on some of the subjects. It is important that you and your partner do the things necessary to enhance your sexual relationship as much as possible. Find out what makes both of you happy and do it. You can also take the unselfish route and do things for your partner that are simply enjoyable for them. Get on the same page and both of you can enjoy sex to the fullest.

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Quit Having Sex and Start Making Love

Start Making Love

Having sex with someone we love or are attracted to is a natural desire. All of us are wired for sex, but our approaches to it set us apart. The act of sex can be extremely enjoyable and the possibilities pertaining to sexual enhancement are endless. In the modern world of information technology there are no shortage of sex tips designed to boost sexual prowess. Everyone is focused on bringing their “A” game, but in the midst of all the excitement are we losing sight of the key elements that bond us?

The Difference Between Sex and Making Love

I have been asked many times if there is a difference between having sex and making love. For many sex is a physical connection that results in a pleasurable gain. Many women in long term relationships are turned off because they come to believe their man only cares about sex. As a man in a long term relationship I can vouch for the fact that sex is very important to me too. However, most women in the long term relationship are looking for more. They enjoy sex too, but many expect the emotional attachment that should go with it.

Women Want To Be Made Love To

Sex for the sake of sex is nothing more than a physical act of satisfaction, but when you make love to a women you are sharing emotions in combination with body fluids. Most women want to be made love to. They want you to show them upfront that you love them, want to be with them and that the sexual act is simply a culmination to the love you have for her. I can tell you right now, if you are not kissing her you’re not making love. Kissing, fondling, touching and embracing are all steadfast requirements in the art of making love.

The Loving Touch

Stroking her hair, massaging her shoulders to relieve stress or rubbing her feet to make her relax are all part of the love making process. Many women claim to have a headache or find other reasons to shy away from sex because they tend to feel like your sexual toy. Show her that you love her. The next time you get into bed with sex on your mind don’t attempt to have sex with her, but instead make love to her. Cuddle up to her and hold her. Whisper in her ears the things you love about her. Convince her that you need to be close to her and validate it by looking for ways to ease her stress, boost her desire and build the excitement.

Final Word

I cannot encourage you enough to quit having sex and to start making love. Do not make your desire for sex to seem automatic. Don’t allow her to think that sex is all you care about. Show her that the bonding is as pleasurable as the orgasms you hope to create. You can open the gate to her sexual desire, bring down the walls of defense and take average sex to an entirely different level of satisfaction. Sharing your love through sexual bonding is a goal worth pursuing.

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5 Things Women Look For In their Men

Attract Women

What do women look for in their man? Although it can be said that every woman is attracted to certain variables; it is also safe to say many share similar attractions. Some of these attractions can be achieved with minimal effort, but some may linger beyond your control. Read on to gain some valuable insight into the mysterious minds of women and see what you can do to make yourself more attractive and desirable. Here are some of the things women are looking for in their men:

1. Confidence – Women want their men to be confident. Confidence is very sexy and makes women feel more safe and secure. There is a difference between confidence and arrogance. Each man must approach this in their own way.

2. Money – Financial security is important to most women. They want to know their man can provide them with a comfortable future. No woman wants to struggle in poverty regardless how handsome you think you are or how good you think you are in the bedroom.

3. Height – Many women prefer tall men. Studies have shown tall men tend to make more money, but there are some short men who would beg to differ.

4. Humor – The ability to make your woman laugh can be very attractive. Work on your sense of humor, but don’t force it.

5. Sight and Smell – The bottom line is women want a man that looks good and smells good as well. Good hygiene is essential. Women are attracted to a man that takes great care of his body,


I can hear some men stating defiantly that women should be attracted to them for who they are. This stance can be taken, but it may not always be successful. As a man you need to make an effort to be attractive to the woman you desire. Of course this should go both ways. Both men and women should seek to bring their best in order to be attractive to their prospective partner.

Confidence is essential in all aspects of life. The ability to provide financial security should not be too much to ask. Whatever your height is do your best to carry it well. Make her laugh and take care of yourself physically. Do all these things and you are more likely to be attractive to a women.

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Why Do We Have Sex?

Why We Have Sex

Why do we have sex? The automatic answer to this question is typically “For the pleasure.” It is difficult to argue this conclusion, because the truth is, sex should be pleasurable. However, there are many other reasons to engage in sex and each one is worth exploring. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Let’s explore some of these reasons now.


Sex should be fun and enjoyable. The act does send blood pulsating to our sexual organs and typically results in pleasurable orgasms. Some of these moments are more intense than others. The pleasure can be decreased or increased depending on the situation.

Foreplay helps to build excitement. Being with the right person is a powerful stimulant. Even the location can play a major role in the overall results. Sex can feel great; so what other reasons could there possibly be?

Making Babies

Believe it or not people do have sex to make babies. Humans are pretty much wired to engage in sexual relations to reproduce. Reproduction was almost certainly the original intent of our sexual body parts. Making babies is a lot of fun, as long as you are ready for the responsibility.


Engaging in sexual relations is one way to connect with the one you love. Although recreational sex is still very popular; many believe sex has more meaning when it enjoyed with a soul mate. One thing is for sure; having sex with another is the closest way for two humans to connect.

Touching and caressing during sex is a vital part of the mating ritual. It is the one thing that separates us from most of the animals. Everyone has their own opinion as to why they have sex. Do it for the right reason. Be true to yourself and enjoy your sexual encounter to the fullest.

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5 Areas Men Love To Be Touched

5 areas men love to be touched

There are probably numerous areas that men love to be touched prior to and during sex, but we have chosen 5 that seem to be very popular. If you want to help lead your man to a more powerful explosion than touching these sensual areas can do the trick.

1. The Neck – The neck has long been a good starting point when initiating sex. Kissing and nibbling at the neck can be very sensual. The hot air against the neck can send arousal skyrocketing.

2. The Ear – The ear has always been a hot arousal spot. Some men will shiver as your hot air blows into their ear. They will enjoy your tongue twirling in and out  and some nibbling on the ear lobe. This is a great way to build sexual excitement.

3. The Feet – Many women love it when men touch their feet. Well, many men love it when their feet is touched as well. Just a little rubbing and massaging will help get your man in the mood.

4. The Buttocks – Many men like to massage their women’s buttocks and they love theirs to be massaged as well. This is especially the case during the sex act itself. Allow your hands to explore his buttock area and you may be pleasantly surprised at the results.

5. The Perineum – This is the area located between the anus and the testicles. If you can massage this area with your fingers during oral sex or sexual intercourse it can lead to a very explosive orgasm.

Final Thoughts

Your man may not find all of these 5 areas sexually arousing, but you never know until you try it. Experiment until you find out which 5 areas on the his body he does want you to touch. Your man should be willing to explore your body to find your favorite 5 sensual areas of touch as well. Put in the effort and you will be enjoying explosive orgasms before you know it. Remember that touching is all about the intimacy and the way it makes us feel when we are touched in sensual places.

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5 Tips For Better Sex

Better Sex Tips

Many couples find it a serious challenge to keep their sex lives exciting and fulfilling. There are many reasons for this. Stress is not only hazardous to overall health, but harmful to sexual health as well. Additionally, when sex becomes routine boredom can easily set in. Both people invested in the relationship must take responsibility for making sex better.

The goal should be to do whatever is necessary to please the partner. If both in the couple proceed with this frame of mind the end results will be surprising. Here are 5 Tips For Better Sex that will help you on your way:

1. Sensual Touch – Massage is an excellent way to get closer to your partner by stimulating a wide range of nerve endings. A good massage will melt away the stress of the day and often leads to explosive orgasms. There are nerve endings all over the body and you want to hit as many of them as you can. Take it slow. Massage each other. Begin with those tight shoulder muscles, sore backs and slowly work your way to more sensual areas. Don’t go straight to the prize. Extended foreplay will lead to better sex.

2. Sex Toys – The use of sex toys does not indicate anyone is less the lover. These toys are merely accessories designed to increase the pleasure and if used correctly can definitely enhance sex. Most women love a good vibrator and a penis ring will allow some men to last longer. Keep in mind that vibrators can stimulate nerve endings for men as well. There are unlimited sex toys to explore so don’t rule out this opportunity.

3. Strip Poker – Don’t rule this tip out. Playing strip poker can be a seductive game of pleasure if played properly. The clothes can come off slowly and then the loser can be put to work on short bursts of pleasure. Use your imagination and let the excitement build. Before you know it the game will really be on.

4 Position/Location Change – Some positions may work well, but they can become boring after time. Try a new position. It has never been easier to research new positions you and your partner could try. Choose something that will not be uncomfortable for either person and let the sparks fly. Changing the location can help too. You don’t have to have sex in your bed all the time. Find more exciting places to engage in sex and your sex will be vastly improved.

5. The Blind Fold – The brain is the most important sex organ. Our nerve endings send signals to the brain. Try touching your partner while they are blindfolded. The excitement will steadily increase as they wonder where you are going next. Again, take it slow and let the excitement build. This is a great way to flame the passion and lead to better sex.

Final Thoughts

Every couple is different. You have to find what works for you and your partner. Don’t let your sex life be boring. Get the most out of sex by pursuing new opportunities of sexual enhancement. Be innovative and think outside the box. If both in the couple take on the act of giving you will be enjoying better sex faster than you might expect.

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Ways To Put Your Sex Drive Into Overdrive

Ways to put your sex drive into overdrive

Is your sex drive stuck in 1st gear? Are you finding it more and more difficult to even put the car in gear; let alone driving it into the garage? If so, don’t be alarmed because you are not alone. Many couples become complacent over time. However, there are ways to put your sex drive into overdrive. Read on and perhaps some of this advice will serve you well.

Date Night

Remember, we said date night, not fright night. Plan a date with your significant other at least once a week. It does not need to be a romantic dinner, although it certainly can be, but it needs to be something you can enjoy together. You can go on a picnic, go hiking, or go to a movie. Do some of the things you used to do before the stresses of life started wearing on your engine. Get close to the person you love once more. Refreshing those old feelings might be the tune-up your engine needs.

Establish A Sexy Environment

Creating a sexy environment in your bedroom can help a lot. Light some candles, play some music or simply make the room inviting. Watching television, playing on your iPad or texting the latest gossip is not creating a sexy environment. Complaining about the stress of your day is a downer as well. Make your bedroom the ideal location and before you know it you will be starting those engines.

Eat Smart

Sex drive is easily hindered when one does not feel sexy. Eating the wrong foods is not only bad for your health, it is bad for your sex drive as well. Do what it takes to make you feel better about your body. It is not all about just looking good, it is about feeling good as well. Sex requires energy so eat smart. Eat plenty of fresh veggies and fruits to fuel that sex drive.

Eat Natural Aphrodisiacs

You can also reset that sexual overdrive by eating natural aphrodisiacs like almonds, oysters, avocados, celery and strawberries. There are many foods out there that serve as aphrodisiacs and will help you stop grinding your motor.

Exercise Together

A good exercise regiment is a good way to send your sex drive into overdrive. It is even better when you exercise together. Go jogging, hiking, or hit the gym together. Get in shape together and forge a bond you never knew existed.

Final Thoughts

Spending quality time with the one you love is very important. Quality time allows you to rekindle emotions that may have faltered over the years. Don’t get stuck in gear by going through the same motions day in and day out. You don’t need to spend a fortune to move your sex drive into overdrive. All you need to do is be willing to plan and put in the time it requires to get that motor started.

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How To Increase Your Opportunities of Conceiving

How to increase your opportunities of conceiving
Some couples can have a baby without hardly trying, while others have to work a little harder at it. Fortunately, the art of conceiving a baby is very enjoyable for most. Although nothing is written in stone, here are some things you can do to increase your opportunities of conceiving:

1. Have sex as often as you can. If you can make time sex every other day you will increase the odds in your favor. Your man will be just as fertile if he has sex every day or every other day, so get in there and have some fun. The best time to get started is right after your period has ended.

2. Some people worry about having sex in the right position. That is nonsense. You have sex the way you like it. There is no proof that one position is more effective than another.

3. Just because your man wears tighty whities does not mean he will naturally be less fertile. It may reduce the sperm count to a small degree, but it will not eliminate your chances of getting pregnant.

4.  The best way to determine when you are the most fertile is to pay attention to your cervical mucus. You will be most fertile when it is slippery and clear. There are also ovulation tests you can purchase over the counter.

5. The best time to have sex around your ovulation day is on that day and the two days proceeding it. If you have sex after ovulation day you might miss the bus so to speak.

6. Some people debate about morning sex or night sex being more effective for pregnancy. The truth is there is no difference. Have sex in the morning or at night, just have it as often as you can enjoy it.

7. You can begin having sex right after you stop taking the pill without any danger to you or the baby you are conceiving.

8. Do not smoke or go on a diet while trying to get pregnant. Smoking can make you fertile and dieting can throw your mentraul cycle off.

9. Do not drink alcohol when you are trying to get pregnant because there is a chance it will make you less fertile. The important thing to note is that you don’t want to drink when you have become pregnant due to the risk of birth defects.

10. Don’t use lubricants purchased from the store because they tend to slow down sperm. If you need lubrication try some mineral oil or canola oil and achieve better results.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the things you should do or not do to enhance your chances of conceiving. Try not to stress. Engage in sex as often as you feel comfortable and think positive and good things will happen. Good luck and have fun.

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How To Have More Sex With Your Wife

How to have more sex with your wife

Women and men are different. That is a fact and I have not just displayed some mind-altering truth that will send shock-waves through humanity. Our approach to sex is often very different. Many men complain their wives don’t want to have sex enough and many women say their husbands want it too much. This gives birth to the age-old tension between some men and women.

Begging To Differ

Of course this scenario may not apply to everyone. We know there are some  out there that will say their sex life is fine and that they engage in sexual activity daily; sometimes twice a day. We take our hat off to them. In addition, there are some couples where those roles are reversed. The women may desire sex more often and it is the men that are lacking in libido and making excuses.

Oh, The Excuses

The excuses for not having sex seem to go on and on. Here are some of the more popular that have been around for a while:

  • I am tired
  • I am too sweaty
  • I have a headache
  • I have to get up early
  • It is too hot
  • It is too cold
  • I am just not feeling it

Perhaps there are moments when these excuses are valid, but how many times are there extended needs not being addressed?

The Approach

The approach is everything. If you want more to enjoy more sexual activity with your wife you must plan your approach. The problem as many women see it is that many men lose the romance after the marriage. During the courting period the man opens doors, buys flowers, cards and candy. He liked to hold hands, cuddle and share tender moments. Then once the ring is on the finger and the stresses of married life take over; these romantic gestures often fade away.

Again, this is not to say that this happens to everyone, but it does happen a lot. Men have to get back to that approach if they want to score more in the bedroom. Women require special attention that sparks their libido. They are not always ready at the drop of a hat like a man. Try the unexpected. Don’t jump in the bed and say let’s have sex. Begin your approach long before you get to the bedroom. A simple touch, a romantic gesture or hidden notes that tell her how much you love her.

Final Thoughts

I know many men are gagging as they read this, but if you are not having enough sex with your wife you may want to give your approach some thought. I have long said that communication is the key. Communicate your feelings in whatever form makes you most comfortable. Don’t use the same approach all the time. Have sex in the morning instead of at night. Change it up.

I know there are many differences between the man and the women that may never be fully understood, but if we put in the effort perhaps we can better understand what will make our wives say “Yes” instead of “No” when it comes to sex. In many cases they want sex more than it appears; they just need to be approached in the right way.

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Interesting Sex Facts

It is time once more to explore some strange sex facts you may find interesting. Let’s not beat around the bush (pardon the pun) lets start exploring. Here are 20 sex facts you may find strange or simply interesting:

1. Sperm contains many anti-aging ingredients and naturally tightens skin.
2. A recent study displayed that 12% of those surveyed had sex at work.
3. On a diet? There are only 5-7 calories in a teaspoon of semen.
4. By having 4 orgasms per week a man can reduce his risk of prostate cancer.
5. Black raspberries, oysters and watermelon are foods that enhance sex drive.
6. Straight men say that oral sex is the act they desire the most.
7. 11,000 Americans are injured annually when attempting bizarre sex acts.
8. A recent study showed that 80% of women need clitoral stimulation with intercourse to achieve orgasm.
9. Women who are not happy with their body can suffer a form of sexual dysfunction.
10. It is believed that only 29% of women achieve orgasm, while 75% of men do.
11. In 26 American states impotency is good grounds for divorce.
12. Gymnophoria is that feeling you get that someone is undressing you with their eyes.
13. If a female ferret goes a year without sex she will die.
14. There are 8,000 nerve endings located in the clitoris and only 4,000 in the penis.
15. Semen is a natural antidepressant. There are 50 natural antidepressants found in sperm.
16. Celery produces pheromones in men, which makes them more sexy to women.
17. So much for cuddling. It is believed that 36% of women jump on Facebook or Twitter right after sex.
18. The climax in a women lasts around 20 seconds, whereas the climax in a man only lasts 6.
19. A recent study displayed that 12% of the women stated they had used their cell phones while having sex.
20. It is believed that 1 in 10 babies born in Europe are conceived in a IKEA bed.

Final Thoughts

Some of these may sound weird, but every fact was produced through scientific surveys. They may not change your view or stimulate your mind, but hopefully one of them made you smile.

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