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Penis Extension: Which Is the Perfect Method for You

The market is full of supplements and devices that claim to increase the penis size. The health implications that penile extension products have are diverse. This makes the authenticity of their efficiency to be questioned. Clinical trials indicate that some penile extension devices are efficient. Getting the right device for you will help you get the results you desire.

The ProExtender System

Clinical trials have proven the effectiveness of this device to increase the length of the penis. Doctors even recommend it to patients with severe penile curvature. Doctors recommend men who suffer from severe Peyronie’s Disease to treatment procedures. But is this the right method for you?

Men suffering from small penis syndrome will not find this device very helpful. Although, the device can increase your penis length and girth it is not a miracle kit. Men with small penis syndrome need penis extensions that will boost the hormonal deficiency.


Practically this device works the same way as the ProExtender system. The difference comes inconvenience. You can use this device without interrupting your daily activities. The device works by applying traction force on your penis throughout the day thus adding few inches after some time. Andromedical, the company that manufactures the AndroPenis, is the only medical company in the penis enhancement market which has obtained quality certifications for its manufactured devices.

VigRx Plus pills

Penis extension is a hot issue to men with “small penis.” Natural herbs for male sexual enhancer are the active ingredients in the manufacturing of the product. Bioperine is the main ingredient in the pills. You can use the pills for at least six months for effective results. But like many sexual enhancement pills, it increases blood flow in the male reproductive system. This pill is like the sex magic pill because it claims to holistically solve all male sexual disorders. Although there are no severe side effects, you should consult your doctor to see if it’s the right method for you.

 Side Effects

Penile extension methods in this article are effective and clinical experiments indicates them to be safe. However, there is always the rare percentage that will react to certain proven methods. No known side effects, including those related to urination, fertility, and erections, have been reported on neither ProExtender nor AndroPenis. The pills are top rated in the market.

Depending on your expectations and health condition you will know which method to use. There is the surgical penile extension, but it comes with its side effects. You may not be advised to use penile extenders such as the ProExtender System and AndroPenis because of weak penile muscles. The use of these extenders may lead to erectile dysfunction if that’s the case. You may also not be recommended to use the penile extenders pills when you have certain medical conditions.

Final take

Penis extension can boost your sexual confidence, but it will not change your personality. Women are different, and not all are into large penis size. When you decide to use penile extenders, it is better to get medical advice. It will help you choose which method will work for you with the least amount of side effects. You can use other methods such as penile exercises to improve your sex life.




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