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Does Extenze Work?

ExtenZe, an all natural pro-sexual herbal and male pro-hormone sexual nutrition supplement promoted on infomercials on TV by Vita Labs.
It was the intent to document authentic, experienced results on sexual performance, sexual desire, and sexual intimacy from a clinical perspective. This study was conducted in a professional medical setting.

Results on a percentage basis:

1. Sexual Desire/Sexual Energy/Passion
Increase in weekly sexual events. (Intercourse, masturbation etc.) = 90%
Increase in sexual desire = 85%
Increase in sexual fantasies = 100%

2. Sexual Power/Pleasure/Performance
More confidence in achieving a full erection = 75%
Increase in penile sensitivity, less stimulation needed = 65%
Increase in firmness of erections = 95%
Increase in patient satisfaction with erections = 90%
Increase in maintaining erection to complete intercourse = 100%

3. Overall Sex Life Improvement
Increase in overall sexual pleasure = 75%
Increase in personal sexual performance satisfaction = 85%
Increase in satisfaction of sex life as a whole = 80%
Increase in overall improvement including sexual
activity, vim, vigor, performance = 100%

Penile measurement findings: Erect penis:
length improvement = 50%
girth improvement = 30%
Flaccid penis: length improvement = 45%
girth improvement = 35%
ExtenZe increases sexual pleasure and improves sexual performance naturally. It works for adult men of all ages. According to the study: ExtenZe ingredients worked better then Viagra to improve desire and sexual enthusiasm.

This study shows, according to extenze testimonials, that the all natural pro-sexual herbal and male pro-hormone sexual nutrition supplement ExtenZe boost sexual desire, sexual energy and sexual passion. The study reveals that sexual power, sexual pleasure and sexual performance are significantly enhanced by taking ExtenZe for at least eight weeks. Taking ExtenZe for eight weeks revealed a highly significant overall sex life improvement. Based on the encouraging positive outcomes of this study, a double blind placebo-controlled clinical trial is currently in progress.

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