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Unspoken Relationship Rules

Rules are standard when it comes to our life so as to have at least a smooth running life. Our relationships also have  these rules. Relationships over the years have had some unspoken rules. In this case I can refer to as relationships 101 where it is a list of Do’s and Don’ts. These kinds of rules are present so as to help you maintain understanding and mutual respect with your soul mate.  The following are some of the unspoken relationship rules:

Couple in Love

Always telling him/her good morning or good night

As much as it seems of less importance, when you fail to do so it somehow shows how you lack sensitivity towards your partner. It always seems and feels nice when your partner wishes you each morning and every night too. It does not matter whether either of you is together in one room or not. Even with the far distance you can both do it via text messages or calls.

Celebrating milestones

Both of you need to celebrate the achievements that you accomplish. It does not matter whether it is a one month or one year anniversary. It might even be moving into a new house which you have wished and worked. Celebrating the milestones that you have both achieved in your relationship does not have to involve something fancy that might even send you into debts. A simple gift or homemade dinner can work perfectly.

Updating them on your whereabouts

You do not need to be always telling them of where you are going next or what it is you are doing each and every minute. It is although nice to let your partner know how your day is going and then in return you can also find out how their day has been as well. A simple short phone call out of your busy schedule can do magic.

Communicate often as you can

You need to have talks with your significant other from time to time so as to make it easy to bring up any areas of problems that you might be having. The talks do not have to be something official; you could be even talking about silly and funny things just to develop that communication. Talk about anything even if you think it is not important. The whole point of it is to create an open communication pattern between you and your partner.

Compliment him or her truly

During the courtship stages, all relationships are filled with compliments here and there all the time. But with time through your relationships, most of these compliments seem to disappear. Now the question is what exactly happens? Is it that you don’t find them attractive anymore? If you still do, it will go a long way to spice up your relationship by doing it from time to time. When you do it, you need to make sure that it comes from deep inside your heart. It should be a genuine compliment and not because you feel that you should do so. Compliment her on how that dress brings out her curves or how her forehead brings out her cute face. Whatever the praise you give it needs to be a genuine one.

You become We

From the time that you decide to have a partner in your life, the unspoken rule here also is that the ‘you’ now seize to be and it changes to ‘we.’ It means that whenever you want to make any decisions that are expected to change your lives, it will take both of you to come to an agreement.

Never give ultimatums

In a relationship, it is more than forbidden for both of you to throw out an ultimatum. There is no way you are allowed to use the words breakups or even divorce in any of your sentences. It is because in a relationship you will have ups and downs and during the down moment’s fights are bound to happen.

Aside from the above-unspoken rules of a relationship, many others also exist such as supporting each others dreams, compromising and maintaining positivism of each other among much more.





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