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GenF20 Plus is considered by many the #1 hGH releaser available on the market today. GenF20 capsules are safe, affordable and have had lots of positive testimonials.

HGH levels correlates to how rapidly you age. By increasing your hGH levels you may note difference in your appearance, your muscle tone, fat retention, memory, sex drive, energy levels, and more.

Normal Body hGH levels

21-year-olds - approximately 10 milligrams per decilitre of blood
61-year-olds - average is 2 ml/dl (80 percent decrease)
65-year-olds - 50 percent of the population is partially or wholly HGH deficient.

GenF20 anti-aging tablets are suitable for both men and women over 21 who wish to reverse the effects of aging. Gen F20 stimulates your own body to restore its own hGH levels, directly from your own pituitary gland.

Gen-F20 Is Not synthetic hGH Nor a hGH supplement.

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Why Order GenF20 Plus

  • New improved formula
  • Stimulate the body to raise its own hGH levels naturally
  • Gives youthful appearance, increased muscle tone, fat loss and sex drive
  • It is Safe
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Endorsed by doctors


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GenF20 Plus Ingredients

GenF20+ is a dietary supplement known or HGH Releaser that contains a special formulated combination of amino acids, nutrients, and peptides to stimulate the body natural production of human growth hormone.

Genf20 plus human growth hormone releaser is made from 16 natural ingredients such as: Colostrum, L-Arginine, L-Lysine, and L-Tyrosine.

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As seen on TV: GenF20 HGH Human Growth Hormone Releaser.

GenF20 Plus Money-Back Guarantee

It offers a FULL 2 months guarantee (60 days) so you can use the system with complete confidence. No questions asked.

GenF20 Prices

You can order a year’s supply for as low as $59.99 Per Box from

  • One month Package GenF20 Plus $82.99
  • Two Month Package GenF20 Plus $159.99
  • Three Month Package GenF20 Plus $220.99
  • Four Month Package GenF20 Plus $287.99
  • Five Month Package GenF20 Plus $349.99
  • Six Month Package GenF20 Plus $399.99


How to Order

You can place an order by calling 1-866-269-3487


Place order online and pay by by VISA, Master Card, American Express Cards, Discover or Paypal.


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F20 Plus Dosage

When to take genf20 plus? Genf20+ hgh supplement is a daily supplement; each bottle contains 120 capsules, a one-month supply. 3 tablets a day is recommended.

How Long Should I take GenF20 for?

It usually takes about two months before you start noticing any changes in your body.

GenF20 Pills Sidefects

Is genf20+ safe? No known side effects associated with use of GenF20 Plus anti aging treatment. However, consulting your doctor before using GenF20 is recommended.

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cGMP Compliant and Certified

Genf20 is been certified by the same cGMP certified pharmaceuticals manufacturer that major retailers like Albertsons, Rite Aid, Safeway, Walgreen (Wallgreen) and Wal-Mart (Wallmart) use.


Leading Edge Health
 c/o 100 Fidelitone Way
 Elizabethton TN 37643
 United States of America

You can call US toll free 1-866-621-6886

International Toll Free: 1-604-677-5365

You can also solve have answers to your specific general questions here

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GenF20 Plus Ships Worldwide

GenF20 Plus Shipping Options

GenF20 Plus is available in: USA (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Ohio, Oklahoma, Dallas, San Diego, Houston, Texas, Denver, and all states), Canada (Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa, Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal), Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart), South Africa (Capetown, Johannesburg, Pretoria), Europe, UK (London, Birmingham), Netherlands, Switzerland, Deutschland, Bruxelles, France (Paris), Spain, Denmark, Israel, UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Qatar, H.K, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Tailand, Pakistan (Karachi), India (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore) and the rest of the world.

How to Order GenF20 Plus

Credit Cards accepted

There are several options available for ordering GenF20 Plus. You can order GenF20 Plus securely online through the GenF20 Plus official website using a variety of methods.

Order options include: ordering online, by mail, fax, or phone. All credit cards and most debit cards are accepted. The process is safe, secure and discreet.

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March 2, 2020. By Deana Williams

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Lina (13/12/2010) "Genf20 seems to be a great product. My friend is very happy and I am looking to buy it also.".

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